Service Department

Click here for a service request form. (*.PDF ~400kB)

Scuba equipment is a life support system. It is extremely important to service your equipment annually as recommended by the manufacturers.

Remember that an annual service will keep your manufacturer's warranty valid.

An annual /overhaul service includes:

  • Complete disassembly of the regulator and hoses
  • Complete cleaning of all components according to manufacturer recommendations.
  • Complete inspection of all components looking for cracks, wear and defects
  • Replacement of all warranty parts and worn or defective components
  • Reassembly of the regulator and hoses per manufacturer recommendations
  • Adjust of the regulator to manufacturer specifications including intermediate pressure (IP), flow rates and inhalation effort

    Dolphin's certified technicians follow manufacturer's guidelines by disassembling and inspecting all parts for wear or corrosion, while disassembled, damaged or worn parts are replaced. The units are cleaned thoroughly, reassembled and properly adjusted to manufactures specifications.

    A Performance check includes:
  • Leak check your regulators, hoses and pressure gauge.
  • Inspect the hoses and mouthpieces for wear and tear.
  • Check and readjust if necessary the intermediate pressure.
  • Adjust the regulator for the best breathing efficiency.
  • Check the accuracy of the pressure gauge
  • Check computer's battery status and replace batteries if necessary
    We do not take your regulator apart to check or change any internal parts. If we find your regulator needs a complete overhaul we will call before any work is performed.

    Dolphin's Service Department has three work stations staffed by experienced and highly trained manufacturer certified technicians The Department has a wide array of parts and kits in stock for most brands of equipment.

    The Service Department receives, services, and ships equipment from all over the United States and abroad.

    Turnaround time is usually 14 days from date of receipt as long as no major problems are encountered

    Rush orders can be done on a case by case basis

    Dolphin Scuba Center services most major brands of equipment, if you have any questions, please call the store 1-800-4DOLPHIN or 916-929-8188.

    Send an e-mail to the service department at Service@dolphinscuba.com

    For warranty service there are a few things that we require you to provide:
  • Proof of Original Ownership with Purchase Date
  • Warranty certificate number if applicable
  • Proof of Annual Service or Performance Check within the last 12 months (depending on the manufacturer's guidelines).

  •  Repair Price List

     Regulator Warranty Non-Warranty 
    Rx Lenses  Cost
     Bench Test

    Single Vision Distance
     with Octopus
    $70 $150

    Single Vision +
     w/o Octopus
    $50 $105

    Single Vision Astigmatism
    1st or 2nd Stage Only
    Bifocal $229.98
    Add Battery

    $20-$40 for most

    Single Lens Mask Add
    02 Clean Add


    Redline Service
    Spare Air


    D9 & D6 Battery Change
    D9 & D6 2 Year Service

    Spyder/Stinger Battery
     BC Warranty

    Spyder/Stinger 2-Year
     BC $25

    Citizen battery
     BC w/ Integrated Octo

    St. Moritz Battery
     Integrated Octo Only
    St. Moritz 2-Year

     BC Bench Test




    Neoprene Dry Suit


    Pressure Test
    VIP Plus


    Wrist Seal (Pair)


    Neck Seal
      Zipper Replacement
    Aluminum >= 1989

    $40   Relief Zipper
    Hydro Nitrox Tank
      $42   Per Patch
    Hydro Paint Ball Gun Tank

      Urinator Installation
    O2 Clean - New Tank


    O2 Clean - Used Tank

    Rebuild Valve

      New Zipper
    Disassemble/Assemble Doubles

      Ankle or Wrist Zippers

      Knee or Elbow Pads
    Other Dry Suits
    Test & Evaluation: Includes Repair of minor leaks
      Butt Pad
    Pressure Test

      Spine Pad
    DUI Pressure Test

      Relief Zipper
    Wrist Seal - Standard - Pair

      Knife Pocket
    Wrist Seas - Standard - Each


    Wrist Seal - HD - Pair


    Wrist Seal - HD - Each


    Neck Seal - Standard

    Ankle Seals - Pair

    Ankle Seals - Each

    Latex Socks - Pair

    Latex Socks - Each

    Latex Hoods

    Zipper - Trilam

    Zipper - Viking/Gates

    Zipper HD - Viking/Gates

    Zipper (Crushed Neoprene)

    Per Patch


    Kevlar Knee Pads
    Zip Seal Retrofit - Neck & Seal
    Zip Seal Retrofit - Wrist Only

    Zip Seal Retrofit - Neck Only


    Suunto Level 1 service center

    Dolphin Scuba is a Suunto Level 1 service center.

    Responsibilities of a an authorized level 1 service center are;
    *Analyze Suunto Dive computers prior to battery change
    -Diagnostic flow for dive computer battery change
    -If any symptoms exist for failures other than battery change, refer the unit to a Level 2 Suunto service center. Do not change battery.
    Perform only battery/strap changes on non rechargeable batteries only
    Record all battery/strap changes
    -date of service
    -product model SN
    -note any abnormalities 
    Comply with Suunto limited warranty and service warranty
    Use only Suunto supplied batteries and parts
    Suunto limited warranty and service warranty
    Although Suunto provides a two year warranty for the dive computers the warranty does not cover non  rechargeable batteries, Suunto products repaired by an authorized Suunto Service Provider are covered by a three month warranty from the date of service or the original two year warranty if it is still valid.